Enhanced PTF to Streamline the PUM Experience

Wednesday, July 17 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Location: Narita AB

Event Information

Description: While PeopleSoft Test Framework is an extremely useful tool as a PUM analytical tool right out of the box, there are opportunities to enhance the PTF usefulness. This presentation will demonstrate custom tools that enhance the usability of PTF and present a quick administrative view of the progress and use of PTF in the overall testing strategy of the organization. These tools will make PTF easier to implement and give a graphical view of the progress and effectivity of the tool. In addition, these custom tools will provide enhancement to the delivered PTF reports to make them more useful.

Type: Demonstration

Show Session ID: 100400



PUM and PTF-Final.pptx Reconnect19-draft v2.pptx


  • Technical/Functional