Isolating PeopleSoft Customizations Using Drop Zones

Thursday, July 18 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Location: International Ballroom F

Event Information

Description: One strength of PeopleSoft has always been the ability to customize delivered applications to meet important unique requirements. Unfortunately, that power comes at a cost. Maintaining customizations could be expensive and time consuming. Now with new tools and methods, isolating customizations isn't daunting or expensive. Drop Zones are the latest tool that supports isolating customizations. Drop zones enable customers to make changes to pages like adding fields, labels, and other common page widgets without affecting the delivered page. Changes made in drop zones will not appear on a compare report, and don't have to be re-implemented when a new image is taken. This enables uptake of new images more quickly and inexpensively. Now you can minimize the impact of change and stay current on PeopleSoft with less disruption.

Type: Demonstration

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  • Technical/Functional