Overcoming Onboarding Obstacles: Yes, 9.2 Fluid Onboarding Can Work for You!

Wednesday, July 17 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: International Ballroom C

Event Information

Description: PeopleSoft’s delivered 9.2 Fluid OnBoarding offers a compelling, accessible onboarding experience for new employees. There are some hurdles, though, that can make delivered Onboarding an impractical solution. These include: - How do you transition data from your Applicant Tracking System to Onboarding to Hire without manual steps and data re-entry? - To prevent duplicate IDs, you want to gather their birthdate and SSN using Onboarding to see if they already have IDs, but they can’t access Onboarding without an Emplid and a UserID… - You want them to start Onboarding before their first day of work, especially Section 1 of the I-9, but they can’t access Onboarding until they are hired in Job Data. - The delivered Onboarding steps are nice, but you need to meet requirements unique to your organization. The good news is that all these hurdles can be, well, hurdled! We’ll present solutions for each, painting a realistic picture of how delivered 9.2 Fluid Onboarding can work for you.

Type: Demonstration

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